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Jan. 8th, 2013



So, I'm currently in my hometown after almost half a year. And it's going  pretty good here lol.
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Happy belated New Year, good-bye 2012 and hello 2013. 2012 has been good to me, mostly. I hope 2013 will do the same :D

Jul. 2nd, 2012

not giving in

July to August...

Things I want to get started with or finish by the time the 'break' before Uni-life starts:
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I guess that's pretty much everything for now? I'd probably make a full lifetime list later lol and make sure it's updated often XD

Feb. 13th, 2012


Something bout Febs and Tests?

Yesterday was the last exam I'll have for this month /throws confetti/ Heck yeah, I feel so liberated that I can't get up from my bed lol. The exams gave too much pressure, I keep going back to netting to reduce all that pent-up frustration with math and physics....

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Anyway, Valentine is tomorrow, so happy early Valentines people! Have some free chocolate lol I'm not making any this year, even though it's my last high school year... Just not in the mood after all the studying... /o/

Just a few months til graduation... Wow I feel old... And too irresponsible to be out of the house yet orz

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Sep. 16th, 2011

origami rose

It's in the middle of the night

...and I guess I'm feeling a li'l bit lonely. Lol, some issues that other people are having is starting to affect me... in the bad way.

Like for example, my non-existant love-life, or just me time-wasting in front of the computer while people are studying their asses off.

It feels like there are LOTS of stuff to be done, but I don't know what are they or where I should start doing them.

In less than a year all of us are going to graduate. Stuff about university/college, jobs we want to take and things we need to know before all of those...

TBH, I feel like I don't want to be 'late' on the stuff that interests me, like doujin-music on NicoDou. I get this urge to always check Ofuro-comm for info when NicoDou-ing isn't enough. A day without computer/internet is a day missing those stuff. :< I wonder if it's really bad...

Since it's pretty late, this'll be all for today. /o/ See ya~

Apr. 3rd, 2011


(no subject)


XD Been a few months since my last post. Still alive and kicking here.

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By the way, the forum Beast's Lair that was formerly in here has MOVED.
Beast's Lair
has moved over there. More people are coming back to the Lair, even if Proboards took down the old Lair on the weekends after just saying the Lair has violated the ToS on Wednesday or Friday. 

Beast's lair is a TYPE-MOON Forum, one of the biggest ones! :D Hope to see more familiar faces there!

And happy birthday shinigami39 ! >u<

Dec. 31st, 2010


Let's say welcome to 2011 and goodbye to 2010

It'll be a few hours until I have to wave goodbye. So let me do some reminiscing.

Massive amount of flashbacks and RAAAAANT here~Collapse )

And look at the length of the post! Holy shit, I feel like I'm writing a book on my LIFE! XD
Now before I can delete anything above, I probably should press that button to post all these rants. LOL.

Lastly, I wish you all a good year ahead and hope for the best for all of us. *cheers*
Happy (early) New Year for all of you reading this!

Dec. 13th, 2010


Drama CDs

Lol, I think I just got hooked on listening to them. ;A; My first one was the two volumes Smiley*2 (with Dasoku, Pokota, clear, Faneru, Gero... ), and then Canna Cinq with Soraru, ASK, Hanatan... And now I'm listening to Hiwaily*2...

H-host clubs with their voices are... /drool

Well, I'm open for good drama CD suggestions ;) preferably some with Utaite-people from NicoNicoDouga XD

Just recently I tried auto-tag, it's quite useful! Well, at least for me since I usually download an album at a go lol. Like the Hiwaily*2 D-CDs, the winrar's a li'l corrupted on the filename, because of one asterisk on the name orz That didn't happen to my Smiley*2 files.

I'm not good at listening for singing techniques and others, and I mostly listen to the song instead of the voice. =w= Many versions of the same song is... well...

*wait, who made that sheep-keening sounds?! o_O*

Ahem... I'm listening to Hiwaily*2... so...

Well, before I started laughing hard, I'd better finish this post. :D

Finals are starting in two days. God, I'm nervous. The first day's gonna be chemistry, and hell if that doesn't suck. I wish it's over quickly >_<
I'm gonna try my best on the test, wish me lots of luck? :D

Nov. 27th, 2010


>w< birthdays?

Yaaaay, apparently I survived another year. 16 just 4 hours ago. :D

The year has been quite disappointing, considering I had to make do with a computer with a bad resolution and STILL soundless. But meh, that can go away for a while~

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On a happier note, icochan @ twitter drawn me and another friend (whose birthday happens to be on today too) something~ >w< http://twitpic.com/3af8ti

Don't ask me why I'm awake at 5am. XD my sleeping schedule is... moved one hour quicker lately. =w=
So I've been sleeping at 10.30 or 11 and wake up at 4.30 or 5 or 5.30 lately.
I get sleepier at class sometimes, meh. But I just can't stop~ I like having a backwards schedule, as strange as it is.

Well, since the day's just started, and I don't know how today would be... I'm gonna snuggle back to my comforter and hug my bolster~ XD

Oct. 31st, 2010


Online gathering and others~

 Yesterday me and viazz went to a gathering of people who met online on the same forum, and lurk in the region-subforum.

More of IRL-gath rant under the CUT~Collapse )

I'm planning to watch Pokota and Dasoku's live this Friday so I'm handing this notebook back on saturday. Hope she doesn't need it in 5 or 6 days... >_<

I'm having a presentation on Saturday... so watching the live should calm me down for the night... >_< I'm so damn nervous about that goddamned presentation that I agreed to. And those jerks who submitted my name keeps spamming my notification list on facebook... ARgh...

Now, back to stalking Tolie and clear and Dasoku and NicoSound~

Oct. 21st, 2010



Yeah, finished most of the Summer'10 anime lurking on my harddisk... Highschool of the Dead, Kuroshitsuji II...

HOTD's ending is awesome. And Takagi

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