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Angel Beats and DRRR!

 AAAAAND Durarara!! and Angel Beats just ended! Or rather, I'd just watch the last episode of the two series.

Angel Beats's end is... a little WTF because what happened in EP12, and we got to see something that resembles... yuri-action. Not the person, YURI. But it's nice. I sure hope those two in the end got a good happy end.
And I still support Hinata-Yurippe over Hinata-Yui... =w= In the beginning I thought it's gonna be Otonashi-Yuri, but I don't exactly enjoy the pair... Oh well, it's not that Yuzuru ending up with Kanade's a bad thing...

Durarara!!'s ending. AWESOME STUFF. I think the awesome feeling I had from EP1 went away when I got to the second arc, past EP12. But the ending gives it back. I LOL'd hard even though it's 1.30 am when I started it. Seriously, Shizuo slicing their car-roofs off is priceless. Good job for traffic-policemen!
The wosrt thing for me is, I got spoiled on what happened on EP23 before watching it. I read the novel translations at anni_fiesta 's journal first y'see...

Speaking of anni_fiesta , I sure hope she's doing Etsusa's translation. Lol, the omake translations she (?) did of the trustable characters eating nabe mentioned Shinra and Celty might be there... And I'm curious~

I want a season 2 for Durarara!! since this anime hasn't seen Vorona yet! >w< OTP for DRRR is still Shizaya, but ShiRona is getting high up there as soon as I saw the scanlations of DRRRX8.

I recently downloaded the full version of Bakemonogatari's light novel, fully Japanese. Could barely understand a thing, cept for few phrases. The amount of kanji hurts my eye, and it's not like I memorized most of katakana and hiragana. But I wanna read iiiiiit!
Meh, I should go and learn some Japanese soon, or else I'll be ranting about this for a while.

And no full subs for Bakemonogatari yet?! Why does pem sub just 1/5 of the anime and the rest is to be uploaded in parts?! Tomorrow's 2/5, the next day is 3/5... Don't care anymore, gonna get the fricking raws goddamnit. ;_;

Owkay, it's pretty late... or early, so I guess that's it for to...day/night. :D