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Crazy Fangirling

Seriously, I just heard Tourai's cover of Celluloid, then From Y to Y. And I was just... WHOMGAWESOME! It sounds so soft... I don't like his version of Meltdown, since it doesn't show his soft voice... But I like the song when sung by Rin. XD

Usa's version of Romeo & Cinderella is nice too~ Umemiya Hina's version of UraOmote Lovers just pwn's the original. How does someone sing that fast? 

And I just found out Kagamine Len's SPICE!'s MV's hawtness. =w=

I want to listen NicoCover songs straight from NicoDouga but my internet connection and my computer doesn't let me. 8___8

On a different topic, the school book price is just crap. We PLUS-class members have to buy SAT books, which costs around Rp. 190k a volume. And there's a total of 4 books we're supposed to buy for SAT. Man, I wish I could use that money to buy manga/English translated LN instead! >_>