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Bad bad phone

Gee, I hate my touch-screen phone. Thankfully it's not fully touch-screen and no keypad. Few days ago the touch-screen just need some calibration or something, but now it's not working at aaaaaall... All I can say is... FFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCC-------!

I can't access my media memory there since the button for it can only be pressed on the touch screen. 8____8
There goes my notepad-files and reading fanfiction/english translated novels on phone and browsing internet...

My phone's buttons doesn't have left-right ones, the only thing it has is number/letter buttons, a 'back' button, a 'c' button for cancel or delete, a 'w' button for music player and a scroller on the side. =w=

Should go and get it fixed... but it always fix itself whenever I got a plan to get it fixed! >_<

I recently got P3P and been playing it ALL DAY. Even at school. I just can't stop! That's the primary reason I haven't been online lately. LOL. And I love FEMC's social links, except the Devil one, probably... And the weird-monk one. And I haven't had enough sleep because of that. XDDDD

And now I gotta go since my 'bro' wants to play the computer. God I hate him.