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Passing Away

Today is the last day of mid-tests. We're supposed to be happy.

None of us from XI-science-2 were happy. Including ex-X-2 members.

A classmate died, just this morning or yesterday. I dunno... Not long after I arrived at school, a friend told me something she read from Twitter. Saying 'Come back @xxxxx', or something. Asking around, they said to her that the person died.

Our test was on 10.30AM, and most of us woke up late for the test. I doubt many people check Twitter before the test, and we're not allowed to take mobile phones to school.

The girl who died is a good friend of mine, we're not THAT close, but she is... was a nice person. I'm not sure how it happened, but judging from what I heard, it seems like it was pneumonia. It was raining a lot here lately, and she got wet when she's having a fever. Maybe she slept with her head wet or something... She had headache when she slept, and when she woke up it was worse, she couldn't get up... Her neighbor, who happened to be our classmate, told me.

A few days after checking up on a hospital on town, she was brought to Penang with her cousin, grandfather and father. She died on the second day there.

Morning today, I think... His cousin informed her close friends, and her neighbor heard too. They told us at school, when they met us.

I only met one of her close friends, her eyes were puffy.

I... still can't believe it... Pneumonia? Just that and she died? I didn't even know that she was absent since Monday, because of the test-week, and now THIS.

We've been classmates for 4 years, and she died earlier than any of us.

I wonder what she feels before passing away...

Twitter is loaded with farewell posts for her. I... I don't know what face am I supposed to make... Even if all this is going on... I didn't bawl my eyes out like her best friends, I didn't cry at all...

I just feel like I'm gonna miss hearing her laugh, seeing her sitting there talking happily with her boyfriend...

She sometimes bug me, wanting to pinch my cheeks, and all that. And now she's gone, I wish I'd let her do that all she'd wanted...

Gee, what a good time to cry, self. I can't believe I didn't cry earlier.

Well, at least this means I'm not an emotionless bitch. LOL

Goodbye, friend. We'll miss you.
And you should know, no matter where you are now. You are loved.



Congratulations, you've successfully making me sob once more.
I can't believe I can still joking around in a situation like this..

I couldn't write a post about this.. It's just too much to bear..
I'm not that close to her as well, as you know, and now I wish I was at least a little bit closer to her..

She's too nice to deserve this..
It's not fair..

Re: *sniff*

Agree. I mean...
I think I'm feeling what people usually call Survivor's Guilt.
She could've done so much with her life, unlike mine. Just meaningless things... not that many people will actually miss me that much...
She on the other hand... So much things she could've done, so much things she could've told her parents, her boyfriend, her best friends...