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Online gathering and others~

 Yesterday me and viazz went to a gathering of people who met online on the same forum, and lurk in the region-subforum.

It was pretty fun, I have to say. It's a new experience, meeting new people, forcing myself to be more socialable (meh), and try to joke with them.

Some of the people who got dragged to the gathering have no idea at all what we're talking since we were talking about online servers that we frequent use around the forum, premium memberships and so on lol.

In the beginning it was just me and Berserker and viazz , and turns out Berserker is a li'l bit timid compared to how he acts online LOL. I wanna pinch his cheeks~ He's not that fat, just his face is cute~ looking so pinchable~

Then we waited inside the food-court, when all the people who were supposed to come arrived, we ate. Well, some of us ate already (cough)(cough) so some of us ate there while some of us did some random chatting, like getting Berserker to crossdress... Weird thing was, I was the one who initiated the cross-dress thing in the forum XD

But you gotta admit, getting someone to crossdress is funny, not that we managed to get him a maid-fuku or something, but it's just funny~

After that we went to the theatre to watch RED. It's awesome, crackish, realistic, and action-ish... I don't care much for action, but the storyline is pretty nice~ We get to see Bruce Willis and some oldies doing their action. >w<

After watching, I went to my aunt's house and slept over there XD I got home today and brought along my aunt's notebook. It's awesome, internet is faster here since I brought along the modem. Can't get it to work on my computer... /sob

I'm planning to watch Pokota and Dasoku's live this Friday so I'm handing this notebook back on saturday. Hope she doesn't need it in 5 or 6 days... >_<

I'm having a presentation on Saturday... so watching the live should calm me down for the night... >_< I'm so damn nervous about that goddamned presentation that I agreed to. And those jerks who submitted my name keeps spamming my notification list on facebook... ARgh...

Now, back to stalking Tolie and clear and Dasoku and NicoSound~