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>w< birthdays?

Yaaaay, apparently I survived another year. 16 just 4 hours ago. :D

The year has been quite disappointing, considering I had to make do with a computer with a bad resolution and STILL soundless. But meh, that can go away for a while~

Wishes for this year,
- More time on schoolworks and finally stop stalking certain people online XD
- Improvements on studies, I really need that. =w=
- No one dies before me. :(
- Maybe Esgalia would pop out of nowhere and start writng Robo-Nasu? ;_; I miss the guy
- Wanna buy a music CD from Comiket event or M3 or VoMas (/sob)
- Good scores for sis, cousin and aunt. They're trying their best. Goooo!
- More luck? Since I'm probably gonna have another go at scholarship tests to universities. Orz I'm to lazy to get to the good ones, but there are decent ones... preferrably with scholarship so I wont' have to waste much money on those (and instead buy the CDs? HECKYEAH! XDXDXD)

On a happier note, icochan @ twitter drawn me and another friend (whose birthday happens to be on today too) something~ >w< http://twitpic.com/3af8ti

Don't ask me why I'm awake at 5am. XD my sleeping schedule is... moved one hour quicker lately. =w=
So I've been sleeping at 10.30 or 11 and wake up at 4.30 or 5 or 5.30 lately.
I get sleepier at class sometimes, meh. But I just can't stop~ I like having a backwards schedule, as strange as it is.

Well, since the day's just started, and I don't know how today would be... I'm gonna snuggle back to my comforter and hug my bolster~ XD