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Let's say welcome to 2011 and goodbye to 2010

It'll be a few hours until I have to wave goodbye. So let me do some reminiscing.

Many things happened throughout the year. Good things including my quiet birthday (and the gifts from my friends >w<), joining some communities and getting new friends, getting my own internet here at home, and many more. But there's still depressing things, like the death of my friend, my grandmother, suffering through a few times of computer formatting (and believe me, I really hate those...)

With the clock ticking to 2011, I'm starting to wonder if the me from a year ago was any different from the me now. There's probably no major changes, I still keep my hair short and have bad sense of fashion. I probably socialize more now though lol.

One of the unexpected changes would be that I rarely accessed Beast's Lair now. At first I was a regular visitor, a resident spammer of the Seventh Dimension there lol. My post count is around 3k now from all the spamming and commenting on fics (there's many awesome fics there. So many that I can't read all of them in a night!).

Since the new 'batch' of members come and I forgot to check the site daily, I haven't been there often now. The site used to be a place to hang out, probably the only place for me to hang out, a year ago. Now, it's still the same old Beast's Lair with new batches of members joining us and some of the old members.

Then there's the new class that we were forced to accept in the middle of the year. I'd be lying if I said I didn't detest them at first, but now that I'm a used to them and their antics, I don't feel like that anymore. I will definitely be sad when the class next year is far different from this one. I have the feeling that I'm gonna get kicked out from my results, but let's hope for the best, that I stayed on the class.

And there's also new playlists of new songs that I just started on listening this year, including Nico-Nico-Douga Singers and Drama CDs. Well, nothing much can be said from that lol. All I can say is, the internet is a wide place to improve your music library and preference XD

Next, there's social problems, like how I'm thinking I'm never getting someone to hook up with. Sure, I liked some people, but I don't know if a relationship's gonna do me well. After all, not many people can stand me, it's gonna be difficult to find a good person to hook up XD
This year, I think I got in more arguments with my parents than last year, from my weird sleeping schedules to my activities. I swear, they still think of me like a kid. And they sometimes contradict their own statement. But that's just how it is to be an adult, I guess. lol

Getting older... is kinda scary. You let go of some things, and you get the weight of responsibilities. Especially regarding yourself. Like what university or college you're planning to go.

I can't believe I haven't made up my mind. I'm starting to consider somewhere out of the country, maybe like Singapore or somewhere farther. My English... I guess it's barely satisfactory. I don't have extra-studying sessions for English, and my vocabulary and grammar comes from reading novels and self-studying the sentence patterns and usages of certain words in certain situations... I'm bad on speaking the language since I tend to stutter or I can't find the words I need to use to describe things. Unlike most people, I quit studying English in grade school, so I didn't get to practice my English much.
They say the basics of a language are writing, speaking, listening and reading. I feel like I need to improve my speaking and listening, while my writing is... well... I need to read more things about certain aspects of life before I can write something decent.

Overall, this year is, to put it crudely, like a roller-coaster of up and downs, like all years are. You don't feel like a year has passed until the next one comes knocking on your door.

Each year is like a 'page' in your memories, you can bid them goodbye, try to forget all the things that happened throughout the year, but it's still be there, waiting for you to read it, miss it and cry over it.

I don't have a new year resolution, because I don't know how is the life I want to live. But I want to make this year of my life better than the last. Next year on the same date, I'll be on my third and last year of high school. I'll need more maturity and preparation and strength to reach out for what I want and leave some things behind.

The next time I read this, I'll probably feel like it's not me writing this. Lol, I hope there aren't that many changes that happen to me next time I write a new-year post.

And look at the length of the post! Holy shit, I feel like I'm writing a book on my LIFE! XD
Now before I can delete anything above, I probably should press that button to post all these rants. LOL.

Lastly, I wish you all a good year ahead and hope for the best for all of us. *cheers*
Happy (early) New Year for all of you reading this!


Happy new year to you! and hope it will be a good year for you!
Happy new year too! :D And I hope you'll have a good year too. >w