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XD Been a few months since my last post. Still alive and kicking here.

I've been thinking of universities lately... *sigh* So troublesome, but I gotta plan things properly. The university I'm aiming for is NTU at Singapore, if that doesn't work, I'm planning to give ITB in Bandung, Indonesia, a try. Or if I'm not accepted there too, there's always Binus Jakarta or USU...

Accepted, AND scholarhipped (or tuition-granted), of course. My parents won't let me to enter expensive university like NTU without scholarship lol. We're not THAT rich! My aunt lives there too, so NTU does sound good. Now is the problem of getting the scholarship or not. One of my friends tested for NTU, she's smart and she's in the acceleration class, but she didn't pass. Another friend passes the test for NTU and NUS, but I think she's aiming for a scholarship-funded too...

ITB... originally I was planning to enter this, but some people mentioned that the city is quite... dangerous.

Binus... :/ Not so sure on this one...

USU... it's the nearest one and it has a good reputation of Med students. Don't know about the computer though...

Next year I'm gonna give IELTS test a try, who knows if I can get a high score, it's gonna boost up my chances on entering good universities.

Or should I try colleges before going on university...?
Ergh... things like this are so confusing...

By the way, the forum Beast's Lair that was formerly in here has MOVED.
Beast's Lair
has moved over there. More people are coming back to the Lair, even if Proboards took down the old Lair on the weekends after just saying the Lair has violated the ToS on Wednesday or Friday. 

Beast's lair is a TYPE-MOON Forum, one of the biggest ones! :D Hope to see more familiar faces there!

And happy birthday shinigami39 ! >u<


kamuuuu eheheheh ketemu juga disinii xD /is a creeper.

btw tebak siapa 8D