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origami rose

It's in the middle of the night

...and I guess I'm feeling a li'l bit lonely. Lol, some issues that other people are having is starting to affect me... in the bad way.

Like for example, my non-existant love-life, or just me time-wasting in front of the computer while people are studying their asses off.

It feels like there are LOTS of stuff to be done, but I don't know what are they or where I should start doing them.

In less than a year all of us are going to graduate. Stuff about university/college, jobs we want to take and things we need to know before all of those...

TBH, I feel like I don't want to be 'late' on the stuff that interests me, like doujin-music on NicoDou. I get this urge to always check Ofuro-comm for info when NicoDou-ing isn't enough. A day without computer/internet is a day missing those stuff. :< I wonder if it's really bad...

Since it's pretty late, this'll be all for today. /o/ See ya~