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Something bout Febs and Tests?

Yesterday was the last exam I'll have for this month /throws confetti/ Heck yeah, I feel so liberated that I can't get up from my bed lol. The exams gave too much pressure, I keep going back to netting to reduce all that pent-up frustration with math and physics....

I think I did satisfactorily... Though I feel my essay-writing part should be better orz why did I pick that topic IDEK right now... And my physics is pretty messed up too. I did some small mistakes in math, but I suppose it's good enough... But for now, all of those shit are overrrrr /flails

I had a little trouble last week, since I stayed really... 'early' to cram phys. Ended up real sick the next day, and it took me almost a full week for complete recovery. Orz That resulted in... Less studying time for the important test... I regret not doing the sample papers beforehand, I could've remembered the solution to that question... /sobs

Our class's inauguration party was 05-02-2012... Which happened to be the second day I was ill. I didn't really got to enjoy myself since I was busy trying my best not to run to the bathroom and puke my guts out lol, but I do think it was really fun. Although, I bothered some people when they saw my pale face... /scratches head/

I just can't bear to miss an important event like that lol, I actually stuffed some prescribed meds before going, but still... Didn't do much since the party is quite long... Thankfully someone got an anti-nausea med... ;____; I really didn't want to go home early if I could, and I lasted through almost all the shows lol I missed the part where we're all supposed to sing some grad-inauguration song though. Don't think I had it in me to follow the song too at that time xD

Recently I just realized, I'm... so much better in organizing when I'm nowhere near an on computer. Lolololol, if it's on, I can't resist to toy with it... And well, can't resist the temptation from many sites xD
Anoher was.. My data looked organized, but some folders are really messy... I just stuffed some useless stuff in and leave it like that... Orz It feels like such a waste to delete them... Or something... /headdesk

End of rant for this month, I guess? XD

Anyway, Valentine is tomorrow, so happy early Valentines people! Have some free chocolate lol I'm not making any this year, even though it's my last high school year... Just not in the mood after all the studying... /o/

Just a few months til graduation... Wow I feel old... And too irresponsible to be out of the house yet orz

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