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not giving in

July to August...

Things I want to get started with or finish by the time the 'break' before Uni-life starts:

1) Read KuroBasu, no skips
This animanga is like the second PoT, there's just so damn many ships, you just have to pick one as your favorite lol. I watched several eps and read several chapters already, but that's since I know which chap has what scene lol. I pretty much skipped the boring (coughsweatymanlysportycough) parts since IDEK what the heck the Basketball terms mean.

2) Watch F/Z
I've been anticipating the anime since I heard it's in production, since I'm quite familiar with Nasu-verse and his other works. Also, I've read two volumes of the original light novel (translated though). The animation studio is Ufotable, and the person in charge of the music in it is Kajiura Yuki. What more reason do I need to watch this, honestly? I need to kick off this laziness...

3) Buy a notebook

4) Get ready for a MOVE! Since there's a high chance I'm not gonna be staying in my house anymore when uni starts.

5) Try to fix up the computer with the minimal price? OTL I'm not sure I can use less than a million Rupiah for it, but...

6) Get myself prepared for MonbuSho or SIMAK UI

7) Get started on reading those novels I bought last time I went to Singapore

8) Finish all the unstarted anime (GC, Amagami S2, etc...)

9) Think of something useful

10) Buy an Android phone, since it's more flexible than iOS and there are more free apps lol

I guess that's pretty much everything for now? I'd probably make a full lifetime list later lol and make sure it's updated often XD