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So, I'm currently in my hometown after almost half a year. And it's going  pretty good here lol.

I feel awkward seeing my sister sometimes though, because even though I'm the older sibling, she's more responsible and mature than me. And my mother often got her to ran errands for her. It's like, after I'm not here, all the expectations was thrown to her. I don't feel good about it. It might be too late to do anything now, and it's not like I can just take back everything and come back here and do my job as the eldest sister. She's planning to go to Malaysia for Uni, and I hope my family will allow her to. She said it herself that she doesn't want to stay in my hometown, for a good excuse too. But there's also the money problem. Studying abroad is definitely more expensive than studying in the same country. 

Other than that, I've been catching up with high school friends, some of my closer ones. It was really fun getting out together, though we didn't get out too much (not enough actually for me but it's not like I can go out an came home late every day). Some of my relatives were also back for New Year. It got pretty crowded at my grandparents' place lol, and really annoying, but it's sad when they're all back to their towns and my grandparents' place is all silent...

Recently I'm into K-POP... yeah I got it pretty bad... I mean I was initially in because of some good ships, but that ship got old pretty quick, though it's still one of my favourite ships. And now I'm just into it because some of it is actually good. Like, not dance + nice face + hawt body good. How do you even enjoy the dance and all those physical appearances when you're listening to the song, just the song, in your music player? Many of them actually have nice voices, and even though I don't get what korean talk they're saying, I love their voices. (Maybe I just have a voice fetish, meh)

I still prefer songs that I can understand though, so sometimes I'd look for their japanese songs lol. Even though their pronounciation sucks sometimes, but at least I know what they're singing. Like Super Junior's song, titled Way. It's a good song, in Japanese. 

Uni life... isn't doing too bad yet for me lol. I'm still expecting the day I'm crazy because all the activities and the tests I'll have to face, but that's for later. Right now my classes are all the basic ones, I just need to choose my major (?) before the second semester ends, and hope my GPA is enough for it. I also got new people that I can spend time and have fun with. (And don't get me started when two of my friends there actually started dating... LOL)

Yeah, I'll just end this post here lol.

Happy belated New Year, good-bye 2012 and hello 2013. 2012 has been good to me, mostly. I hope 2013 will do the same :D