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Kill meeee for posting something this embarrassing hereeee!


Now our year has ended
We'll have to choose our own path
And walk forward on our separate ways
All the memories of together will eventually fade
as we take another step

In a few years
We would forget who laughed the most,
who cried the most,
and who brought the happy smiles to our faces

This will not be our final goodbye
Because I know we'l meet again
Maybe in another lifetime
Maybe later in this lifetime

And all we can do is hope for the best
To be reunited with the brightest of smiles gracing our face
To be able to laugh at our mistakes and promise to correct our faulty ways together
And to be together as long as our time allows

Our year is coming to the end
But our time together might not
If you want, we're always here for you
Waiting patiently for you

No matter how many failures you've done
No matter how much you've changed
This is one promise I will never break
To be there in your time of need

Because, isn't that what friends do?

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