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Oct. 11th, 2010


Look at that gaaaap~

Been a LONG while since last post. =w= I'm starting to get lazy with LJ plus school works wonders to my brain. It fries my brain-cell well. :3

I just found out that somehow one of my classmates submitted my name for doing a demo-project of what I'd done last year, the fencing one. It's pretty plain, for me, but somehow the instructor tagged it with 'best project' of the year, and so my classmate's suggestion was accepted, and I'll have to do it.

I could reject the offer, but I somehow want to give it a try. Even if I'm so so so fucking bad at talking in front of people. The ones watching the presentation will probably be the (new) Headmaster, some teachers, some students... And I'll have to do some practice with one of the staff of BiNus, for the presentation. That means less time for homework before afternoon class starts. Wow, that sounds suckier when I typed it out. /sob

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On a slightly gloomier note, second mid-testweek is starting in the twentieth... And I still think I'm gonna fail chem ;A; I'm doing better (ohsoveryslightly) in physics and math, English I'm confident, Civics can go to hell for all I care, Biology... sucks a lot.

I really envy some students out there, who gets to choose the subjects they want to learn. We here, have to study Math, Physics and Chem and the most-dreaded Biology. I mean... I'm gonna take a subject that doesn't have to do with chemistry, but my chemistry score still counts. A bad score for it... won't look good. >_>

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I have... plans to give NaNoWriMo a try... But considering that presentation... I don't know about that... Should I give it a try on heavy-multitasking? >_< And there's still the second-midtestweek... So many things to do, so little time to do...
And I haven't finished KHBBS. *le gasp*

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And somehow I managed to get viazz to play Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. *cackle* I can say with certainty that viazz is going to start Chiru-arc tonight! W-well, I might be wrong... but chances of it are high enough lol.

Sis just bought a new phone today, since her old phone is totally broken. Gee, is that envy I feeeeeeel? /sobtrollsob

Whew, that's one long post if you ignore the cuts. And that's it for a while~ See yah~

Aug. 21st, 2010


Passing Away

Today is the last day of mid-tests. We're supposed to be happy.

None of us from XI-science-2 were happy. Including ex-X-2 members.

A classmate died, just this morning or yesterday. I dunno... Not long after I arrived at school, a friend told me something she read from Twitter. Saying 'Come back @xxxxx', or something. Asking around, they said to her that the person died.

Our test was on 10.30AM, and most of us woke up late for the test. I doubt many people check Twitter before the test, and we're not allowed to take mobile phones to school.

The girl who died is a good friend of mine, we're not THAT close, but she is... was a nice person. I'm not sure how it happened, but judging from what I heard, it seems like it was pneumonia. It was raining a lot here lately, and she got wet when she's having a fever. Maybe she slept with her head wet or something... She had headache when she slept, and when she woke up it was worse, she couldn't get up... Her neighbor, who happened to be our classmate, told me.

A few days after checking up on a hospital on town, she was brought to Penang with her cousin, grandfather and father. She died on the second day there.

Morning today, I think... His cousin informed her close friends, and her neighbor heard too. They told us at school, when they met us.

I only met one of her close friends, her eyes were puffy.

I... still can't believe it... Pneumonia? Just that and she died? I didn't even know that she was absent since Monday, because of the test-week, and now THIS.

We've been classmates for 4 years, and she died earlier than any of us.

I wonder what she feels before passing away...

Twitter is loaded with farewell posts for her. I... I don't know what face am I supposed to make... Even if all this is going on... I didn't bawl my eyes out like her best friends, I didn't cry at all...

I just feel like I'm gonna miss hearing her laugh, seeing her sitting there talking happily with her boyfriend...

She sometimes bug me, wanting to pinch my cheeks, and all that. And now she's gone, I wish I'd let her do that all she'd wanted...

Gee, what a good time to cry, self. I can't believe I didn't cry earlier.

Well, at least this means I'm not an emotionless bitch. LOL

Goodbye, friend. We'll miss you.
And you should know, no matter where you are now. You are loved.

Aug. 1st, 2010



Haven't got enough time to post. A few days ago, my family and I were out of town for my grandmother's funeral. I gotta skip 2 days of school for that, and since it's nearing midtests, I didn't get any scores. I still have to look for my History and PE teacher, then I gotta settle some English Listening problems too.

It's really busy... We're gonna have a 2-day-holiday since our school will be used for the National Science Olympics for chemistry. And for the holiday, we got 65 math problems... I just did 11 of them, and I couldn't do the 2nd one. =w=

I want to just sit down and do whatever I want for a day... but I guess I can't. =___= Well, it's not that I haven't been doing that a lot lately... Considering the time I spent on computer and PSP... I'm gonna finish FeMC route soon for Persona 3 Portable.

The two-day-holiday's on Tuesday and Wednesday, but we still have to go to school on Monday... Speaking of dates, I haven't done my computer-lab project; making a calender... And I dunno if my team's PE project is done yet...

Thinking of that makes me feel tired... =______= So I'm gonna call it a night... (but still end up grinding through Tartarus on my PSP :P)

Jul. 21st, 2010


Bad bad phone

Gee, I hate my touch-screen phone. Thankfully it's not fully touch-screen and no keypad. Few days ago the touch-screen just need some calibration or something, but now it's not working at aaaaaall... All I can say is... FFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCC-------!

I can't access my media memory there since the button for it can only be pressed on the touch screen. 8____8
There goes my notepad-files and reading fanfiction/english translated novels on phone and browsing internet...

My phone's buttons doesn't have left-right ones, the only thing it has is number/letter buttons, a 'back' button, a 'c' button for cancel or delete, a 'w' button for music player and a scroller on the side. =w=

Should go and get it fixed... but it always fix itself whenever I got a plan to get it fixed! >_<

I recently got P3P and been playing it ALL DAY. Even at school. I just can't stop! That's the primary reason I haven't been online lately. LOL. And I love FEMC's social links, except the Devil one, probably... And the weird-monk one. And I haven't had enough sleep because of that. XDDDD

And now I gotta go since my 'bro' wants to play the computer. God I hate him.

Jul. 2nd, 2010


Go Grab a Pillow and DROOOOWN!

 ...is what I'm feeling now. =___=

Gee, I feel left out of my social circle. Thanks much. 

My fault again. Hahaaaa...haa....

I hate todaaaaaay. And you just made it wooooorseee.
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Jul. 1st, 2010


Crazy Fangirling

Seriously, I just heard Tourai's cover of Celluloid, then From Y to Y. And I was just... WHOMGAWESOME! It sounds so soft... I don't like his version of Meltdown, since it doesn't show his soft voice... But I like the song when sung by Rin. XD

Usa's version of Romeo & Cinderella is nice too~ Umemiya Hina's version of UraOmote Lovers just pwn's the original. How does someone sing that fast? 

And I just found out Kagamine Len's SPICE!'s MV's hawtness. =w=

I want to listen NicoCover songs straight from NicoDouga but my internet connection and my computer doesn't let me. 8___8

On a different topic, the school book price is just crap. We PLUS-class members have to buy SAT books, which costs around Rp. 190k a volume. And there's a total of 4 books we're supposed to buy for SAT. Man, I wish I could use that money to buy manga/English translated LN instead! >_>

Jun. 27th, 2010


Angel Beats and DRRR!

 AAAAAND Durarara!! and Angel Beats just ended! Or rather, I'd just watch the last episode of the two series.

Angel Beats's end is... a little WTF because what happened in EP12, and we got to see something that resembles... yuri-action. Not the person, YURI. But it's nice. I sure hope those two in the end got a good happy end.
And I still support Hinata-Yurippe over Hinata-Yui... =w= In the beginning I thought it's gonna be Otonashi-Yuri, but I don't exactly enjoy the pair... Oh well, it's not that Yuzuru ending up with Kanade's a bad thing...

Durarara!!'s ending. AWESOME STUFF. I think the awesome feeling I had from EP1 went away when I got to the second arc, past EP12. But the ending gives it back. I LOL'd hard even though it's 1.30 am when I started it. Seriously, Shizuo slicing their car-roofs off is priceless. Good job for traffic-policemen!
The wosrt thing for me is, I got spoiled on what happened on EP23 before watching it. I read the novel translations at anni_fiesta 's journal first y'see...

Speaking of anni_fiesta , I sure hope she's doing Etsusa's translation. Lol, the omake translations she (?) did of the trustable characters eating nabe mentioned Shinra and Celty might be there... And I'm curious~

I want a season 2 for Durarara!! since this anime hasn't seen Vorona yet! >w< OTP for DRRR is still Shizaya, but ShiRona is getting high up there as soon as I saw the scanlations of DRRRX8.

I recently downloaded the full version of Bakemonogatari's light novel, fully Japanese. Could barely understand a thing, cept for few phrases. The amount of kanji hurts my eye, and it's not like I memorized most of katakana and hiragana. But I wanna read iiiiiit!
Meh, I should go and learn some Japanese soon, or else I'll be ranting about this for a while.

And no full subs for Bakemonogatari yet?! Why does pem sub just 1/5 of the anime and the rest is to be uploaded in parts?! Tomorrow's 2/5, the next day is 3/5... Don't care anymore, gonna get the fricking raws goddamnit. ;_;

Owkay, it's pretty late... or early, so I guess that's it for to...day/night. :D

Jun. 25th, 2010


(no subject)

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And now I'm busy reading Golden Days, following milizell 's 'advertisment' lol. It's pretty interesting, though there's mild shounen-ai~ My fujoshi-side is getting stronger. >_<

Angel Beats! final episode and Durarara!! final episode is airing todaaay! :D The friend I mentioned earlier is one of my light!otaku friends, and we got into a nice talk about ongoing series~

Working!! is one of my favorites~ Full of lol and a Shizuo-lookalike and a Ryougi Shiki-lookalike and someone who is like Izaya the more I see him~ XD

Nyaah~ that's all for now~ Nice to meet yah milizell ! :D

And I finally learned how to type the user tags properly without checking up the FAQs section! Yaaay! XD

Jun. 4th, 2010



Kill meeee for posting something this embarrassing hereeee!


Now our year has ended
We'll have to choose our own path
And walk forward on our separate ways
All the memories of together will eventually fade
as we take another step

In a few years
We would forget who laughed the most,
who cried the most,
and who brought the happy smiles to our faces

This will not be our final goodbye
Because I know we'l meet again
Maybe in another lifetime
Maybe later in this lifetime

And all we can do is hope for the best
To be reunited with the brightest of smiles gracing our face
To be able to laugh at our mistakes and promise to correct our faulty ways together
And to be together as long as our time allows

Our year is coming to the end
But our time together might not
If you want, we're always here for you
Waiting patiently for you

No matter how many failures you've done
No matter how much you've changed
This is one promise I will never break
To be there in your time of need

Because, isn't that what friends do?

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May. 17th, 2010


Fucking Day Sunday

And I just lost my pencil box and everything inside. Just fucking like that.

There goes my dear pencils, my 2 erasers, my rulers, my hairpin, my old telephone card, my student ID.

Just give it back you arsehole thief. I don't mind you taking the money inside, but give me the things back. Just my student ID or one pencil.

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